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Português Inglês - Português - cut
s. corte; machucado; talho; golpe
v. cortar, seccionar, fazer uma incisão; partir; reduzir; recortar; castrar; diluir uma solução com outra substância; desqualificar; parar a cena que está sendo gravada
adj. cortado; picado; preparado; castrado
Espanhol Inglês - Espanhol - cut
s. corte, cisión, cortada, cortadura, incisión, saja, sajadura, tajada, tajadura, tajo; interrupción, parte; rebaja
v. cortar, escindir; seccionar; interceptar, segar, aserrar, bisectar, cizallar, partir, rodajear, serruchar, tajar, tranzar, trozar; talar, podar, retajar, tallar; herir, acuchillar; ser incisivo
adj. cortado, hendido, partido
Francês Inglês - Francês - cut
n. coupure; blessure; incision; réduction
v. couper; pratiquer une incision; réduire; inciser; tailler, sculpter
adj. coupé; taillé; incisé; réduit (prix)
Alemão Inglês - Alemão - cut
n. Schnitt; Schnitt (im Film); Schnittwunde, Verletzung; Kürzung
v. abschneiden, schneiden; kürzen, abkürzen
adj. geschnitten; gekürzt
Italiano Inglês - Italiano - cut
s. taglio; colpo, fendente; sferzata, frustata; (fig) riduzione, diminuzione; fetta, pezzo, pezza; (fam) parte, quota; scorciatoia; (fig) offesa, affronto; (fam) il non voler riconoscere; (fig) tipo
v. tagliare; ridurre; incidere; accorciare; falciare, mietere; intersecare, incrociare; colpire forte; urtare; abbreviare; scavare, traforare; diluire, annacquare; (fam) smettere; incidere su disco o nastro; montare un film
agg. tagliato; reciso; (fig) ridotto; trinciato; (Zootecn) castrato
Russo Inglês - Russo - cut
с. порез, разрез; кратчайший путь; выемка, канал; зарубка, удар, засечка; покрой, покрой одежды; снижение; купюра, монтаж; путь; резкое замечание; прекращение; снятие, быстрая смена кадров; пролет
г. резать, разрезать, резаться; стричь, подстричь; сокращать, сокращать путь, идти напрямик; снижать, снижать цены; урезывать, монтировать; высекать, кроить, скроить; резко ударить, причинять острую боль; обижать, ранить
прил. срезанный, отрезанный, обрезанный; подстриженный, скроенный, сниженный; уменьшенный; кастрированный
Turco Inglês - Turco - cut
f. kesmek, makasla kesmek, biçmek, budamak; kırpmak; incitmek, oymak; indirmek; açmak, yol açmak; hadım etmek; sulandırmak, seyreltmek; görmemezlikten gelmek; kırmak, devam etmemek; diş çıkarmak, dişi çıkmak; ortadan kaybolmak; kesişmek, yontmak,
i. kesme, kesim, kesik; parça kumaş, parça, yarık, dilim, pay; darbe, vuruş; usul; kupür; tip; indirim; kesinti; yara, tutam; klişe [dakt.]
s. kesik, kesilmiş, indirilmiş, indirimli
Inglês Alemão - Inglês - cut
adj. sliced; reduced; cheaper, reduced in price
Albanês Inglês - Albanês - cut
n. çarë: e çarë, prerë: e prerë, çarje, kalim, kanal, mënyrë, gjuajtje me të prerë [sport.], pjesë e prerë, lënie, thelë, klishe [tipogr.], stil, prerje, pakësim, shkurtim, ulje
v. çaj, pres, bie, ndaj, kaloj, prerë: bie me të prerë (topit), ther, mbaj: i mbaj qëndrim [fig.], pritem, holloj (
Holandês Inglês - Holandês - cut
zn. snee; snijwond; gedeelte; dracht (van kleding)
ww. snijden; verkorten; verlagen; knippen
bn. gesneden; verkorting, gedeelte; in prijs verlaagd
Inglês Inglês - Inglês - cut
n. incision; wound; slice; reduction
v. make an incision; trim, clip; reduce; carve; make an audio recording (i.e. of music, etc.); weaken a solution by mixing in another substance; be absent from; disqualify someone from participating; stop the acting in a scene that is being recorded (Film)
adj. sliced; reduced; cheaper, reduced in price
Grego Inglês - Grego - cut
ουσ. ελάττωση, κόψιμο, μερίδιο, τομή, χαρακιά
ρήμ. κόβω, τέμνω, χαράσσω, κόπτω
επίθ. κομμένος
Espanhol Alemão - Espanhol - cut
n. chaqué (m), jaqué (m)
Chinês Simplificado Inglês - Chinês Simplificado - cut
(名) 伤口; 一块, 肉片; 刻痕; 削减
(动) 切; 剪; 割; 削
Chinês Tradicional Inglês - Chinês Tradicional - cut
(名) 傷口; 一塊, 肉片; 刻痕; 削減
(動) 切; 剪; 割; 削
Japonês Inglês - Japonês - cut
(形) 切った; 切り取った; 傷ついた; 刻んだ; 裁断した, 削減した, 短縮した
(動) 切る; 切断する; 削減する; 切り分ける; 録音する(音楽など); 他のものを混ぜて弱い溶剤にする; 欠ける; 失格させる; 撮影しているシーンを停止する(フィルム)
(名) 切ること; 刻み目; 切り傷; 切り詰め; 1片; 削除, 削減; 一撃; 横断路; 切り通し, 短縮
Coreano Inglês - Coreano - cut
명. 절단; 삭감; 벤 상처; 자르기
동. 베다, 절단하다; 가위로 자르다, 깎아 다듬다; 사감하다; 새기다; 레코드화 하다; 떼어 내다; 무시하다; 중단시키다(영화)
형. 잘려진,쪼개진; 인하한; 할인된
Francês Alemão - Francês - cut
n. jaquette (f)
Italiano Alemão - Italiano - cut
n. rondine: giacca a coda di rondine (f)
İfade biçimleri
noun: an unexcused absence from class Example:He was punished for taking too many cuts in his math class.
noun: the act of reducing the amount or number Example:The mayor proposed extensive cuts in the city budget.
noun: the division of a deck of cards before dealing Example:He insisted that we give him the last cut before every deal.
noun: (sports) a stroke that puts reverse spin on the ball Example:Cuts do not bother a good tennis player.
noun: a trench resembling a furrow that was made by erosion or excavation
noun: a share of the profits Example:Everyone got a cut of the earnings.
noun: a wound made by cutting Example:He put a bandage over the cut.
noun: a step on some scale Example:He is a cut above the the rest.
noun: a refusal to recognize someone you know
noun: a remark capable of wounding mentally Example:The unkindest cut of all.
noun: in baseball; a batter's attempt to hit a pitched ball Example:He took a vicious cut at the ball.
noun: the omission that is made when an editorial change shortens a written passage
verb: have a reducing effect Example:This cuts into my earnings.
verb: dissolve by breaking down the fat of Example:Soap cuts grease.
verb: weed out unwanted or unnecessary things Example:We had to lose weight, so we cut the sugar from our diet.
verb: shorten as if by severing the edges or ends of Example:Cut my hair.
verb: grow through the gums Example:The new tooth is cutting.
verb: have grow through the gums Example:The baby cut a tooth.
verb: penetrate injuriously Example:The glass from the shattered windshield cut into her forehead.
verb: fell by sawing; hew Example:The Vietnamese cut a lot of timber while they occupied Cambodia.
verb: reap or harvest Example:Cut grain.
verb: hit (a ball) with a spin so that it turns in the opposite direction Example:Cut a pingpong ball.
verb: separate with or as if with an instrument Example:Cut the rope.
verb: divide a deck of cards at random into two parts to make selection difficult Example:Wayne cut.
verb: make an incision or separation Example:Cut along the dotted line.
verb: allow incision or separation Example:This bread cuts easily.
verb: function as a cutting instrument Example:This knife cuts well.
verb: record a performance on (a medium) Example:Cut a record.
verb: informal: be able to manage or manage successfully Example:She could not cut the long days in the office.
verb: cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch Example:Cut the engine.
verb: cut and assemble the components of Example:Cut recording tape.
verb: refuse to acknowledge Example:She cut him dead at the meeting.
verb: make out and issue Example:Cut a ticket.
verb: lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture Example:Cut bourbon.
verb: reduce in scope while retaining essential elements
verb: cut down on; make a reduction in Example:The employer wants to cut back health benefits.
verb: turn sharply; change direction abruptly Example:The car cut to the left at the intersection.
adjective: wounded by cutting deeply
adjective: having a long rip or tear
adjective: (of a male animal) having the testicles removed Example:A cut horse.
adjective: with parts removed Example:The drastically cut film.
adjective: separated into parts or laid open or penetrated with a sharp edge or instrument Example:The cut surface was mottled.
adjective: (of pages of a book) having the folds of the leaves trimmed or slit Example:The cut pages of the book.
adjective: fashioned or shaped by cutting Example:A well-cut suit.
adjective: mixed with water Example:Sold cut whiskey.
adjective: (used of rates or prices) reduced usually sharply
adjective: cut down
adjective: (used of grass or vegetation) cut down with a hand implement or machine
adjective: made neat and tidy by trimming
noun: an unexcused absence from class Example:He was punished for taking too many cuts in his math class.


Sinônimos para cut
1. fashion: form, garb, kind, stamp, mode, sort, style
2. incision: rent, channel, stab, gash, pierce, nip, passage
3. penetrate: score, scratch, gash, claw, incise, lance, pierce
4. insult: hurt, move, slight, touch, wound
5. slice: haggle, chisel, bisect, dissect, mangle, rive, carve
6. cut off: trim, shave, crop, truncate, lop, lop off
7. harvest: mow, reap
8. trim: snip, clip, shave, pare, prune, shear
Tempos de cut
Present participle: cutting
Present: cut (3.person: cuts)
Past: cut
Future: will cut
Present conditional: would cut
Present Perfect: have cut (3.person: has cut)
Past Perfect: had cut
Future Perfect: will have cut
Past conditional: would have cut

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